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Chicago Editing understands that individual writing and editing services are a personal investment towards a successful work product and career. That is why we're committed to providing quality editorial services with a personal touch from local editors. With Chicago Editing, no disembodied emails are sent into the void only to return without a real person to follow up with. Our editors have years of editing experience in a variety of fields and topics and are available to work along side you to improve your writing.

Work Products for Individuals
  • Resumes -  Academic, Artistic, and Job-Related.


  • Cover Letters - Inquiries, Submissions, and Applications.


  • College Papers - Humanities, Science, & Engineering.


  • Dissertations - Honors, Masters, and Doctorate Level.


  • Journal Articles - Submissions to Academic, Scientific, and Medical Journals.

  • College Entrance - Personal Statements and Letters of Intent.


  • SAT, ACT Essays  - Scoring, Coaching, and Tips.


  • Manuscripts - Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoir, Self-Help.


  • Presentations - Slides, Graphics, Charts, and Tables. 


  • Other - Indexing, Formal Email Correspondence, English as a Second Language Writing Pieces.

Past Clients
  • B.A., M.A., M.S., Ph.D. Students

  • Independent Authors for Publication

  • Non-Native Speakers and Writers

  • Professors

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