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Chicago ranks second in the nation in the number of fast-growing small businesses for the second consecutive year according to the annual Inc. 5000 list. Chicago Editing was established with these local businesses in mind.  Every industry has a need for effective writing and editorial services in the preparation of marketing copy, business plans, reports, proposals, internal training aids, press materials, speeches, brochures, and social media communications. What's more, smaller, locally owned businesses usually lack the resources or steady work necessary to hire detail-oriented quality assurance professionals full time.


Chicago Editing makes it easy -- cE's contract services can be called in only when needed and do not become part of the employee benefits burden carried by most companies. Let us handle your writing copy and maintain the highest editorial standards while you focus your energy elsewhere -- it's what we do best.


Partner with cE to Win City and Federal Work

If you’re looking to win City of Chicago or Federal project work, it can be a challenge to identify businesses that meet Minority-Owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (mDBE), Women-Owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (wDBE), or Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) requirements and difficult to clearly identify the best ways to parse out work to subconsultant players.  Look no further -- cE is a Hispanic and female-owned business. Let Chicago Editing manage correspondence, project updates, specifications, figures, and reports, whether draft or final, electronic or hard copy, to meet your requirements. **Please note cE's official MBE/WBE status is currently pending and is under review by the City of Chicago.

Work Products for Businesses:
  • Proposals - Includes City and Federal Statements of Qualifications, grant proposals, bid responses, and client sales proposals.


  • Business Plans - For businesses and corporations of all sizes.


  • Reports - Corporate annual reports, financial reports, and research reports.


  • Marketing Materials - Includes marketing plans, brochures, newsletters, press releases, press kits, direct mail promotional materials, audio/visual aids, product catalogs, etc.

  • Technical Documentation - Includes technical and procedures manuals, hardware and software installation guides, and user guides.


  • Training Courses and Training Aids - Emphasis on job-related, self-paced instructional resources, and end user training materials designed to promote the sale and proper use of new products and services.


  • White Papers - Government and Business-to-Business Marketing.


  • Other - Speeches, articles, book-length manuscripts, and presentations for major conferences.

Where Our Work Ends Up:



  • Local Governments - Cities of Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi

  • Municipalities - e.g., San Antonio Water System

  • Various Media Sources - Newsprint, Radio, and TV Copy


  • Federal Government - e.g., Federal Emergency Management Agency, Army Corps of Engineers, EPA


  • State Entities - Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Past Topics:


Plus numerous  private entities and confidential players


  • Emergency Response

  • Air Services

  • Wetlands Delineations

  • Health, Safety, and Compliance

  • Munitions Remediation

  • Solid Wastes

  • Environmental Site Assessments

  • Soil and Groundwater Sampling

  • Soil Vaporization

  • Dye Tracer Studies

  • LEED Consulting

  • Sustainability Assessments

  • Environmental Liability Transfer

  • Property Redevelopment

  • Brownfield Acquisition and Redevelopment

  • Demolition and Decommissioning

  • Water and Wastewater



  • Oil & Gas (Upstream/ Midstream)

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Vertical Transportation

  • Petrochemicals

  • Energy

  • Iron and Steel

  • Mining

  • Chemical

  • And many others ...

Past Work:


  • Federal, State, and Local Proposals

  • Environmental Site Assessments

  • Dye Tracer Studies

  • Health and Safety Plans

  • Project Summaries

  • Marketing Materials

  • Presentations

  • Specifications

  • Reports, Manuals, Brochures

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