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With increasing frequency, organizations and individuals are looking beyond themselves to fulfill their content and editing needs. Smaller, locally owned businesses usually lack the resources or steady work necessary to hire detail-oriented writing and editing professionals full time, and individuals are recognizing that editing isn't just a luxury for the wealthy, but an investment towards a successful work product and career.


Chicago Editing, Inc. was created with these organizations and individuals in mind. cE's contract services can be called in only when needed and do not become part of the employee benefits burden carried by most companies. We are also a local and personal presence -- no sending your work product into the void without someone to talk and follow up with.

Why Chicago Editing? - For Businesses

Chicago's Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) program establishes a goal of awarding a percentage of City contracts to minority and women-owned businesses. However, according to the official website of the Office of the Inspector General, "over the past several years, OIG has conducted numerous investigations examining fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in the MWBE program." As a result, "MWBE participation is likely far less than the publicly reported participation."


With the amount of minority and female business representation in the Chicago area, it is disheartening this disparity exists. Aside from the political corruption uncovered by the OIG, part of the problem may lie in stereotypical ways of thinking about minority- and female-owned businesses, particularly work seen as typical to these groups.


Chicago Editing is a Hispanic- and female- owned business that seeks to challenge stereotypes about the types of services that minorities provide and to meet the disparity that exists within the City of Chicago. Designation of official MBE/WBE status for Chicago Editing is currently underway, pending official review of application by the City of Chicago.

Why Chicago Editing? - For Individuals

Chicago Editing is aware of the myriad of editing services located online. That is why Chicago Editing was established with the word Chicago in the title. With Chicago Editing you get contact with local editors to interact with personally. No disembodied emails are sent into the void and sent back without a person to follow up with. 

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