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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Don’t publishing houses, journals, newspapers, etc. already have their own editors on staff?  Why should I send my documents to you?

Yes!  Of course they do, and they’ll have their own opinions and edits they’ll want to make. The problem is that it has to get there first. Initial screeners are used to weed out manuscripts for the higher ups, and the problem many people have is not taking the time to properly QA their documents before sending out. Silly mistakes make people conclude that you are either incapable of communicating effectively, i.e., you don’t have a grasp on language, logic, grammar, or, and maybe worse, that you don’t care enough to fix such mistakes. So you may not get a chance unless you put your best foot forward.

What Makes You Different?

As editorial consultants, we tailor our skills and resources to solve your document problems, whether you are an individual, commercial business, or government entity. What makes us unique is our talent mix. We intuit your needs, drawing from a large pool of skills to choose the best combination for you. Among our clientele are large environmental consulting clients, for which we analyze document management structures, observing systems of quality control to understand what is working and what isn't. If there aren't standards in place, we help you make them, then advise and implement a program that ensures they are carried out. We are familiar with a variety of industries and adept at writing copy for highly technical clients. Our private clients are largely academic authors who have gone on to have their edited manuscripts accepted for publication by such prestigious presses as UT Press. We also have a creative side, and we love editing plays. Chicago Editing is a minority- and female- owned business, with a team of talent capable of handling large jobs and small. We can even print and assemble if need be.

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